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Black Currant Tart No.48

£6.99 - £12.99

Product Description

Black Currant Tart No.48 is is a black tea with sweet, tart berries featuring ingredients from Sri Lanka, Kenya, India. The deep colours and flavour is good for any weather and gives a flavourful caffeine kick.

Black Currant is both a propagated and wild grown berry that some claim originated in France. Cassis is a very popular beverage throughout Europe, known for being aromatic in smell and in taste. This particular aspect of Black Currant is very evident in this tea. Stunning as an iced tea.

The berry has health benefits such as regulating blood pressure, increasing fat oxidation and promoting skin health, being rich in Vitamin C and antioxidant activity.

Our Black Currant Tart is an extremely high quality, loose leaf infusion and the price includes free delivery in the UK.

Tasting Notes

Deep black currant aroma and flavour. Just imagine a currant bush full of berries.


Black tea, currants, blackberry leaves, mallow, cornflower, sunflower petals

Best way To Enjoy

Heat water to 100°C, add one teaspoon of rose tea per cup, leave for 4-5 minutes. Enjoy