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Heavenly Gunpowder No.4

£6.99 - £12.99

Product Description

For the true green tea lover, Heavenly Gunpowder No.4 ticks the boxes.

Originating many, many years ago in Zhejiang Province, Eastern China, gunpowder green tea is one of of the highest qualities of green tea. Supposedly named because it looks like little gunpowder pellets, it certainly looks very different to most loose leaf teas.

Large green leaves are are rolled into little pellets which unfold while brewing. Limited quantities are produced as to tightly roll the leaves in this way takes a lot of time and skill. As a high grown tea, the flavour and full bodied achieved with this tea is superb.

Our Heavenly Gunpowder is an extremely high quality, loose leaf green tea and the price includes free delivery in the UK.

Tasting Notes

A subtle rolled leaf and an aromatic taste


Luxury green tea

Best way To Enjoy

Heat water to 80°C (boil a kettle and leave to cool for 5 mins), add one teaspoon of tea per cup, leave for 2-3 minutes but don't over-steep. Enjoy